Tasteful Revelry: Counting down Seattle’s best celebrations of 2018

Performative celebration is a spectacle to behold in professional sports. Exciting plays deserve exciting reactions and, in a corporation dubbed the No Fun League, the quality of these reactions have been systemically quelled for years. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked an amendment allowing group celebrations was ratified before the 2017 season. The Philadelphia … Continue reading Tasteful Revelry: Counting down Seattle’s best celebrations of 2018

Weird Free Agency: Interior Offensive Line

Since the beginning of days, Russell Wilson has faced enormous pressure: the pressure to succeed despite being literally three feet shorter than the average starting QB, the pressure of Richard Sherman’s endless taunting, and (I, at least, have to imagine) the pressure to maintain stoicism and avoid any appearance of selfhood amidst all the rest … Continue reading Weird Free Agency: Interior Offensive Line

On Football: Driving Organizational Change

The Seattle Seahawks have a relatively large offensive staff, though three of their coaching positions are dedicated to offensive line play. Who, among this staff, is in charge of not just looking at the X’s and O’s of the Seattle offense, but those of offenses league-wide? Does Brian Schottenheimer have a staff extensive enough to … Continue reading On Football: Driving Organizational Change

On Football: Overcoming Generational Genius

Following defeats at the hands of Napoleon in the War of the First Coalition from 1792-1795 and the War of the Fourth Coalition from 1806-1807, Prussia found itself in an intractable situation. No one in the Prussian military could match the brilliance of France’s emperor/commanding general, or the organization of La Grande Armée. Much like … Continue reading On Football: Overcoming Generational Genius