Fact: The mascot for the Arizona NFL team is a Cardinal. Fact: The Cardinal is a bird in Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Aves, Order Passeriformes, Superfamily Passeroidea (more like Passer-odor-ea because man these birds stink), Family Cardinalidae. Fact: The Cardinal is the stupidest, most disgusting, utterly incompetent bird of *literally* all time. Fact: It's … Continue reading 2 BEAK 2 WEEK

Still Bad, Still Hateable: Breaking down the 49ers

Crystallization is usually a process that occurs on a geological time scale. Particles slowly adhere and accumulate into shiny rocks that people pay large sums of money for. However, there are times when conditions are just right so that the slightest perturbation can lead to instantaneous crystallization. The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is one such example. My sports-hate for … Continue reading Still Bad, Still Hateable: Breaking down the 49ers