Pythagoras and the Seahawks

Around 2,500 years ago, a lunatic Ionian with a penchant for ascribing mystical properties to numbers founded a cult. Because apparently he did some good things for #math, we have remembered him (though less of his mysticism and lunacy): Pythagoras. And, because clearly sports are more important than math, his name has been immortalized in … Continue reading Pythagoras and the Seahawks

Tailbacks: The Apostles of Carrollogy

Seahawks Twitter has long been plagued by an ugly debate on a simple question: does rushing matter? Sadly, the debate is pointless, for several reasons. First, because the statistical evidence overwhelmingly supports that passing is more likely to be successful, both in terms of more advanced analytical stats like EPA/play, as well as in more … Continue reading Tailbacks: The Apostles of Carrollogy

The Shadow of Triumph

Broadly speaking, all truths can be divided into two categories: the obvious and the not-obvious. While the former is important and often serves as the bedrock of each of our own worlds to the extent we can derive any joy from thinking, we do so in consideration of the latter. For example, the purpose of … Continue reading The Shadow of Triumph