T*steful Roundup: Maladroit Detroit Edition

Welcome to yet another Victory Monday T*STEFUL ROUNDUP! The Seahawks left the Lions weezing and gasping for air yesterday. Seattle has, for the past five weeks looked (oh god) pretty damn good. Contributors, guest-posters, and all sorts of rascals from the BeastGlobe have written a lot to recap the Motown Throwdown. Enjoy all these words from … Continue reading T*steful Roundup: Maladroit Detroit Edition

Tasteful Filmography: David Moore soars in Wembley

Positional value varies quite a bit from team to team in the NFL, especially when it comes to acquiring players that complement those already on a given roster. As the burgeoning analytics movement cascades into the league, the raucous and widespread devaluing of certain positions - in conjunction with teams' priorities - makes for deflated … Continue reading Tasteful Filmography: David Moore soars in Wembley