Mount Crushmore Bracket: How We Got Down To Four

Three 1 seeds and the maker of the Real Rob Report are officially, scientifically, bracketologically the Crushmore Four. One could scarcely be more excited, unless one were Golden Tate, Thomas Rawls, Luke Willson, or Red Bryant, who stumbled on the doorstep of immortality.

Those were the four regional final losers. Imagine who it took to defeat them!

The Bruce Irvin Path

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce eliminaaaaaaaaaaaaaated a series of Seahawks heroes. Golden as discussed a second ago, Shaquem in the Sweet 16, Ricardo Lockette in Round 2 following a 92-8 rout of Alex McGough. What is wrong with 8 percent of you? Don’t answer that.

Full disclosure: Irvin is the overall top seed. Seeing him in the Crushmore Four is less of a shocker than an early loss would’ve been. Griffin gave him the best run, a 61-39 game. Let’s see what happens when the belly roll rolls around.

The Brandon Mebane Path

Nobody has touched Mebane yet. Hey, just like an overmatched rookie guard!

  • 68-32 over Rawls
  • 85-15 over the Cinderella of the tournament, 12 seed Walter Thurmond
  • 66-34 over Will Dissly
  • 95-5 over Anthony McCoy

In a tournament observers have sometimes complained is tilted towards the new generation, Mebane is Exhibit One that such criticisms are largely unfounded. Belly unfounded at all. No I’m not sorry. Have you met me?

The Jon Ryan Path

Defeating Jon involves being as cool as Jon, or cooler, and, well, lol that’s not happening. The closest anyone got was Jermaine Kearse. Otherwise he’s cruised.

  • 70-30 past Luke Willson
  • 65-35 past Kearse
  • 91-9 past Chris Matthews
  • 95-5 past John Ursua, where probably most of you just fatfingered the option.

If Ryan wins it all, there would be very few surprised faces.

The Michael Robinson Path

No other Crushmore Four participant beat any seed ranked better than 3. MikeRob beat a 3 (Michael Dickson) AND a 1 (Red Bryant). Don’t count him out. Ever. He’s back. He’s more than back. He’s fully back. He’s a fullback. Yes that’s the joke.

Vote Monday and Tuesday as we whittle the field to a champion, a king of our hearts forever. Barring an unexpected return by Irvin next year, all the remaining players are ex-Seahawks. Never let it be said we turn on our cult heroes.