Your Friday night, as narrated by Russell Wilson

When your friend texts about going out, even though you’ve slept a collective 12 hours that week and your bank account just hit single-digits:

When you’re getting ready:

When you’re at the pregame with your friends:

When you text your crush:

When you get the Uber arrival notification and down the last of your drink:

When you chat up the bouncer and learn about how this is just his side-gig while he pursues his degree in philosophy:

When you’re in the club:

When you go to the bathroom and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror:

When that one friend orders a round of tequila shots:

When you text your crush at 3 AM:

When you get the large fries AND the chocolate shake from Dick’s:

When you get home and pass out in bed, blissfully unaware of what the morning will bring: