Dumbest Play of the Week: New Orleans Edition

We all have bad days at the office.

There’s usually a Patient Zero to any off day at work. Maybe you wake up with a giant headache, be it due to too much fun the night before or just becoming older and shuffling that much closer to death with each new “X” scrawled on your desk calendar in dried-out Sharpie. Maybe your commute was utter garbage: the full bus giving you the commuter middle-finger by unceremoniously racing past you in the dark rain or jack-knifed semi, perfectly placed at the I-5/405 interchange like that clogged artery that induces a heart attack. Maybe your kids really, really suck today (though I’m sure they’re great on days that you don’t run out of toaster waffles).

Whatever the cause, you’re now fucking up things at work that you’re usually on top of. You forget to jot down that note or send that report or whatever. Now you’re having a bad work day. You really want to save face but you also REALLY want to get the day over with.

That was this past Sunday. Here is THE DUMBEST PLAY OF THE WEEK.


Q4 – 0:00 – 1st and Goal – NOR 4 – RUSSELL WILSON pass complete short right to WILL DISSLY for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Some context: The Seahawks were not winning this game, regardless of the outcome of this snap. There is no magical 12-point play that can be scored here. This is an untimed down that was ran because, on the previous play, Russell threw a pick that was negated due to an offsides penalty.

Pick 2

This is now the height of nugatory football. This farcical game is not allowed to end on a rightful endzone interception, no. It MUST conclude in the dumbest way possible: the garbage-iest of garbage time touchdowns to Thrill Dissly. Please also note Germain Ifedi getting trucked by Cam Jordan for what must be the tenth straight play.


This play was incredibly dumb and was the universe’s way of telling us the grave mistake we have made in rooting for such a big, dumb football team.