The Pete Carroll 100: Counting down wins 60-21

With a victory over the Steelers on Sunday, Pete Carroll has officially won 100 games as head coach in Seattle. Because of this, Rain City Redemption’s William Cornell and I decided to precisely rank every single one of these wins from worst to best and reveal them to you in a trio of posts.

William and I ordered these wins by utilizing a proprietary formula that takes into account margin of victory, quality of opponent, storyline, how we felt during and afterward, significance within Seattle history, etc. Try as you may to argue with these rankings. We refuse to reveal the driving algorithm. This is canon now.

Wins 100-61 were posted yesterday: CLICK HERE.

Wins 20-1 will be posted tomorrow, right here on the Bloge.

Hold on to your butts for wins 60-21:

60: 10/8/17, @ Rams, 16-10

This was back when we thought Sean McVay was a mediocre coach, so that was fun. Sheldon Richardson had an interception and forced another one into Earl Thomas’ hands, which was also fun.

Play of the Game:

17.3 @ Rams.gif

59: 11/23/14, Cardinals, 19-3

The Cooper Helfet game! Coop had the contest’s only teeder and suplexed somebody on this blocked punt. A king.

Play of the Game:

14.7 Cardinals.gif

58: 11/17/13, Vikings, 41-20

This was in the midst of Russell Wilson’s first MVP push that didn’t pan out. Also, Walter Thurmond’s first career pick went for six.

Play of the Game:

13.10 Vikings.gif

57: 10/17/13, @ Cardinals, 34-22

We vividly remember hating Mike Mayock during this game. We also vividly remember loving Zach Miller during this game.

Play of the Game:

13.6 @ Cardinals.gif

56: 12/5/10, Panthers, 31-14

Getting blown out by the 2010 Seahawks must be the most embarrassing moment in Carolina history. Aside from losing a Super Bowl to 2015 Peyton Manning of course.

Play of the Game:

10.6 Panthers.gif

55: 10/14/18, Raiders (@ London), 27-3

To wreak havoc on an offensive line led by Tom Cable? ‘This the purest form of catharsis.

Play of the Game:

18.3 Raiders.gif

54: 12/30/12, Rams, 20-13

Russell Wilson tied Peyton Manning’s rookie passing touchdown record. Instead of breaking said record, he ran for the game-winning score because he’s Russell Wilson.

Play of the Game:

12.11 Rams.gif

53: 11/22/15, 49ers, 29-13

For just a moment, as fleeting as it was, Thomas Rawls was a god.

Play of the Game:

15.5 49ers.gif

52: 10/2/16, @ Jets, 27-17

After getting Moss’ed in 2012, Richard Sherman finally had a chance to get back at Brandon Marshall. He gave up an early touchdown, but had the last laugh, snagging two picks in the process.

Play of the Game:

16.3 @ Jets.gif

51: 9/16/12, Cowboys, 27-7

Russell Wilson’s first NFL win. The Cowboys were finesse and the Seahawks made sure America knew it.

Play of the Game:

12.1 Cowboys.gif

50: 9/15/19, @ Steelers, 28-26

The 100th career win for Pete Carroll in Seattle. Congratulations Pete.

Play of the Game:

19.2 @ Steelers.gif

49: 9/12/10, 49ers, 31-6

The first career win for Pete Carroll in Seattle. Congratulations Pete.

Play of the Game:

10.1 49ers.gif

48: 12/12/11, Rams, 30-13

The earliest imaginable manifestation of “Fuck the Rams.”

Doug Baldwin forever.

Play of the Game:

11.6 Rams.gif

47: 11/10/13, @ Falcons, 33-10

After a Divisional Round heartbreaker in the Georgia Dome the season prior, Seattle had something to prove against the Falcons. This time they left no doubt.

Play of the Game:

13.9 Falcons.gif

46: 11/13/11, Ravens, 22-17

In which a paternity test proves Marshawn Lynch is indeed Ray Lewis’ father.

Play of the Game:

11.3 Ravens.gif

45: 12/15/13, @ Giants, 23-0

Eli Manning threw five interceptions in this game. Byron Maxwell created two and Richard Sherman three, including this beautiful tip drill.

Play of the Game:

13.12 Giants.gif

44: 1/2/11, Rams, 16-6

The Seahawks made history, becoming the first team to claim a division title with a losing record. Winning a game with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback may be Carroll’s most impressive accomplishment to date.

Play of the Game:

10.7 Rams.gif

43: 12/2/18, 49ers, 43-16

Bobby Wagner has been Seattle’s best player for years now, and he decided to remind us on this glorious day.

Play of the Game:

18.7 49ers.gif

42: 11/20/16, Eagles, 26-15

C.J. Prosise proved himself to be the most dynamic rookie on the field on a day when Carson Wentz looked like Carson Wentz.

Play of the Game:

16.7 Eagles.gif

41: 11/15/18, Packers, 27-24

After beating them in a big game that is to be named at a later time, the Seahawks hadn’t reigned victorious over the Packers in three straight contests. That changed this evening.

Play of the Game:

18.5 Packers.gif

40: 12/6/15, @ Vikings, 38-7

2015 Russell Wilson to 2015 Doug Baldwin was the most unstoppable combination in franchise history. This was the moment that we all realized it.

Play of the Game:

15.7 @ Vikings.gif

39: 1/3/16, @ Cardinals, 36-6

On this beautiful Christine Michael-led day, the Seahawks secured their fourth straight DVOA crown over a beet-red Bruce Arians who totally didn’t care about losing no not at all he was totally fine with it.

Play of the Game:

15.10 @ Cardinals.gif

38: 12/24/17, @ Cowboys, 21-12

Justin Coleman deserves to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a flex this petty.

Play of the Game:

17.9 @ Cowboys.gif

37: 9/15/13, 49ers, 29-3

Heading into a season where everybody (correctly) assumed Seattle and San Francisco to be the two best teams in the league, the Seahawks beat the everloving shit out of their biggest rival on Sunday Night Football. Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor all snagged interceptions. It was beautiful.

Play of the Game:

13.2 49ers.gif

36: 12/16/12, Bills (@ Toronto), 50-17

Stevie Johnson gave Richard Sherman fits… until he didn’t.

The Seahawks had less than 50 points… until they didn’t.

Play of the Game:

12.9 @ Bills.gif

35: 9/23/18, Cowboys, 24-13

Some people are too pure — too unapologetically themselves — to be properly appreciated in their time. The final, most Earl Thomas moment of Earl Thomas’ career in Seattle was absolutely perfect.

Play of the Game:

18.1 Cowboys.gif

34: 12/18/11, @ Bears, 38-14

*quietly chanting* red bryant pick six

*banging on table* Red Bryant Pick Six


Play of the Game:

11.7 Bears.gif

33: 11/3/13, Buccaneers, 27-24

Some people might view almost losing to a winless Tampa Bay squad led by Greg Schiano as a hollow victory. I’d say that some people are probably right. But it was fun as fuck so it stays.

Play of the Game:

13.8 Bucs.gif

32: 10/5/15, Lions, 13-10

Kam Chancellor never taps out. K.J. Wright apparently does.

Play of the Game:

15.2 Lions.gif

31: 10/9/11, @ Giants, 36-25

Brandon Browner’s ascent to stardom in 2011 was incredible to watch and the snap that precipitated it is an all time moment.

Play of the Game:

11.2 Giants.gif

30: 2016 Wild Card Playoff, Lions, 26-6

Paul Richardson (who is very good and under-appreciated) showed everyone on national television that he is very good and under-appreciated.

Play of the Game:

16.11 Lions WC.gif

29: 2015 Wild Card Playoff, @ Vikings, 10-9

I am still shivering from watching this terror of a slugfest. Thank the heavens for Russell Wilson (did you know he played second base?), Tyler Lockett, and all time Seattle great Blair Walsh.

Play of the Game:

15.11 @ Vikings WC.gif

28: 10/16/16, Falcons, 26-24

We would like to put it on the record that we still don’t feel bad for the no-call against Julio Jones on the game’s de facto final play.

Play of the Game:

16.4 Falcons.gif

27: 11/7/16, Bills, 31-25

Jimmy Graham one-handed two scores, Richard Sherman was cyber-bullied by Dan Carpenter’s wife, Rex Ryan was furious about the events preceding, and the Seahawks won on the final play of the game. All in all, a great Monday night.

Play of the Game:

16.5 Bills.gif

26: 9/26/10, Chargers, 27-20

Leon Washington and Earl Thomas revealed themselves as the franchise cornerstones they were both(?) destined to be.

Play of the Game:

10.2 Chargers.gif

25: 12/9/12, Cardinals, 58-0

The most lopsided victory these eyes have ever witnessed. Russell Wilson only passed for one touchdown and the team won by 58 points. FIFTY EIGHT.

Play of the Game:

12.8 Cardinals.gif

24: 12/1/11, Eagles, 31-14

This was the first time we really saw what a classic Pete Carroll team could look like. The Dream Team rolled into Seattle with the national media giving the Seahawks little to no chance to win.

Spoiler alert: The Seahawks won. By a lot.

Play of the Game:

11.5 Eagles.gif

23: 2013 Divisional Playoff, Saints, 23-15

This game wasn’t especially close, but incredible performances from both Marshawn Lynch and Mother Nature will go down in Seattle’s annals as a legit postseason win.

Play of the Game:

13.14 Saints Div.gif

22: 12/3/17, Eagles, 24-10

Carson Wentz and the eventual Super Bowl Champion Eagles were unstoppable in 2017. The Seahawks, on the other hand, were not.

For one night, in the only season Russell Wilson has missed the playoffs, Seattle looked like the best football team on the planet again. And it was sensational.

Play of the Game:

17.8 @ Eagles.gif

21: 12/2/13, Saints, 34-7

Drew Brees and the 9-2 Saints versus Russell Wilson and the 10-1 Seahawks in prime time. NFC domination and potentially home-field advantage on the line.

From the opening kickoff, it wasn’t even a game.

Play of the Game:

13.11 Saints.gif