The Pete Carroll 100: Counting down wins 100-61

With a victory over the Steelers yesterday, Pete Carroll has officially won 100 games as head coach in Seattle. Because of this, Rain City Redemption’s William Cornell and I decided to precisely rank every single one of these wins from worst to best and reveal them to you in a trio of posts.

William and I ordered these wins by utilizing a proprietary formula that takes into account margin of victory, quality of opponent, storyline, how we felt during and afterward, significance within Seattle history, etc. Try as you may to argue with these rankings. We refuse to reveal the driving algorithm. This is canon now.

We will begin with the most unbearable win of the Pete Carroll era and finish on Wednesday with the most unbelievably satisfying. Hold on to your butts.

100: 11/9/17, @ Cardinals, 22-16

This game marked the end of Richard Sherman in Seattle and Kam Chancellor in the NFL. It was awful and, without a doubt, the worst win imaginable.

Play of the Game:

17.6 @ Cardinals.gif

99: 9/30/18, @ Cardinals, 20-17

The Legion of Boom era was bookended by Earl Thomas breaking his leg and flipping off Pete Carroll. Not ideal.

Play of the Game:

18.2 @ Cardinals.gif

98: 11/1/15, @ Cowboys, 13-12

Beating a Dallas team led by Matt Cassel and Darren McFadden by one point is embarrassing. But slightly less embarrassing than a tie, I suppose.

Play of the Game:

15.4 @ Cowboys.gif

97: 12/4/16, Panthers, 40-7

Earl Thomas broke his leg for the first time on this evening and “joked” about retirement afterward. A 33-point victory felt like the end of a season.

Play of the Game:

16.8 Panthers.gif

96: 10/7/12, @ Panthers, 16-12

Russell Wilson threw a pick-six to Captain Munnerlyn, along with another interception to DROY (yuck) Luke Kuechly.

Play of the Game:

12.3 @ Panthers.gif

95: 9/11/16, Dolphins, 12-10

Ndamukong Suh stepped on Russell Wilson’s ankle, which sent ripple effects throughout the rest of the 2016 season. Wilson never got completely right and it was mostly due to this game.

Play of the Game:

16.1 Dolphins.gif

94: 9/17/17, 49ers, 12-9

It took the Seahawks 1.88 games to score a touchdown in 2017 (Naz Jones’ withdrawn pick six aside). Tanner McEvoy and C.J. Prosise dropped scores. Thank you to Paul Richardson for finally taking us home.

Play of the Game:

17.1 49ers.gif

93: 11/14/10, @ Cardinals, 36-18

Don’t pretend to remember this game and we won’t pretend we do, either.

Play of the Game:

10.5 @ Cardinals.gif

92: 1/1/17, @ 49ers, 25-23

A slim win over a bad 49ers team. Incidentally, the last game of Colin Kaepernick’s career to date.

Play of the Game:

16.10 @ 49ers.gif

91: 10/24/10, Cardinals, 22-10

Is the only redeeming value of this win, other than its victoritude, that it provided a prophetic preview of Earl’s playoff pick in Washington two seasons later? Probably.

Play of the Game:

10.4 Cardinals.gif

90: 10/1/17, Colts, 46-18

Cliff Avril’s career ended on primetime television. It took Seattle almost three quarters to finally pull away from Jacoby Brissett and company.

Play of the Game:

17.2 Colts.gif

89: 10/13/13, Titans, 20-13

A Stephen Hauschka injury led to a Chris Maragos fumbled field goal snap which led to a long touchdown right before halftime which led to Ryan Fitzpatrick almost winning in Seattle. Actually since everyone was fine after, and that sentence is ludicrous, maybe this is a top 20 win. Nah.

Play of the Game:

13.5 Titans.gif

88: 12/30/18, Cardinals, 27-24

Classic Week 17 Cardinals bullshit.

Play of the Game:

18.10 Cardinals.gif

87: 10/6/14, @ Redskins, 27-17

Jeff Triplette called back three Percy Harvin touchdowns because he forgot to draft Harvin on his fantasy team. Seattle also tried this weird thing where Richard Sherman shifted to safety for a play and DeSean Jackson scored a long touchdown because of it so yeah.

Play of the Game:

14 @ Redskins.gif

86: 10/26/14, @ Panthers, 13-9

Another grind-it-out game in Carolina. Luke Willson is a king and he deserves to be commended as such.

Play of the Game:

14 @ Panthers.gif

85: 10/28/13, @ Rams, 14-9

Winning on the final play against Kellen Clemens and world-beater Zac Stacy is never good, but we got an all-time shit-talking moment from Golden Tate.

Play of the Game:

13.7 @ Rams.gif

84: 11/26/17, @ 49ers, 24-13

I literally remember nothing about this game except for a sick interception by Bobby Wagner.

Play of the Game:

17.7 @ 49ers.gif

83: 10/22/17, @ Giants, 24-7

Eli Manning is bad. Paul Richardson is good. Russell Wilson has muscles.

Play of the Game:

17.4 @ Giants.gif

82: 12/14/14, 49ers, 17-7

The last matchup in the Carroll-Harbaugh rivalry. It shouldn’t have been this close, but Paul Richardson scored his first career touchdown for the game-winner.

Play of the Game:

14 49ers.gif

81: 12/10/18, Vikings, 21-7

This game ended up great but it sucked so very much for the vast majority of it. George Fant caught a pass and people were mad about Bobby Wagner blocking a field goal, which is cool.

Play of the Game:

18.8 Vikings.gif

80: 9/25/11, Cardinals, 13-10

An ugly afternoon that ended with a Kam Chancellor interception. So many ugly wins. Which sounds like a complaint but is more of a reality check. Wins are often ugly.

Play of the Game:

11.1 Cardinals.gif

79: 12/13/15, @ Ravens, 35-6

Russell Wilson was in the midst of his 2015 god-mode tear. What drags this one so low is a season-ending and career-altering ankle injury to Thomas Rawls. Our beautiful boy was never the same after this.

Play of the Game:

15.8 @ Ravens.gif

78: 12/28/14, Rams, 20-6

The Shaun Hill Rams had this game knotted up at 6 heading into the 4th quarter. It took a Bruce Irvin pick-six and an Earl Thomas chop to really seal the deal.

Play of the Game:

14 Rams.gif

77: 12/15/16, Rams, 24-3

This was an ugly bout — noticing a trend against the Rams, how bizarre — up until a deep touchdown to Tyler Lockett. Richard Sherman also laid Jared Goff the fuck out on the sideline.

Play of the Game:

16.9 Rams.gif

76: 11/2/14, Raiders, 30-24

Seattle was handily beating Oakland until rookie Derek Carr decided to make it juuuust interesting enough to make this one annoying.

Play of the Game:

14 Raiders.gif

75: 9/27/15, Bears, 26-0

A Jimmy Graham touchdown reception, a Tyler Lockett kick return, and a defensive shutout. On the surface, it was beautiful. Watching the game itself didn’t feel as great.

Play of the Game:

15.1 Bears.gif

74: 12/20/15, Browns, 30-13

Murking Johnny Manziel at home in the midst of the best offensive streak in franchise history was par for the course in 2015.

Play of the Game:

15.9 Browns.gif

73: 11/20/11, @ Rams, 24-7

It went downhill after the first play of the game, which probably gave Jeff Fisher ideas. Never thought we’d say we miss Jeff Fisher.

Play of the Game:

11.4 @ Rams.gif

72: 9/25/16, 49ers, 37-18

Christine Michael opened this one up with a long touchdown so, while the algorithm decided this game to be ranked this low, it is much higher in our hearts.

Play of the Game:

16.2 49ers.gif

71: 11/9/14, Giants, 38-17

Russell Wilson threw two interceptions but Marshawn Lynch ran buckwild over a Giants defense that still hasn’t recovered five seasons later.

Play of the Game:

14 Giants.gif

70: 10/28/18, @ Lions, 28-14

The score makes it seem like this wasn’t close, but it took Michael Dickson dropping his nuts on the table to ice the game.

Play of the Game:

18.4 @ Lions.gif

69: 9/8/19, Bengals, 21-20

This wasn’t nearly as bad of a win as most people wanted to make it out to be. Beating a team with a new offense that has zero tape is tough. Russell Wilson made the nice plays he needed to and the defense held strong when it needed to.

Play of the Game:

19.1 Bengals.gif

68: 11/11/12, Jets, 28-7

Richard Sherman had the only sack of his career, stripping Mark Sanchez after picking him off earlier in the game. Also Golden Tate threw the ugliest touchdown of all time.

Play of the Game:

12.6 Jets.gif

67: 9/22/13, Jaguars, 45-17

The eventual Super Bowl champions should beat the 2013 Jaguars by four scores. And yet, they did!

Play of the Game:

13.3 Jaguars.gif

66: 12/29/13, Rams, 27-9

Golden Tate, after said shit-talking earlier in the season, double-dipped and ate up St. Louis’ defense yet again.

Play of the Game:

13.13 Rams.gif

65: 9/8/13, @ Carolina, 12-7

A nasty contest where the Panthers’ rookie defensive tackles lived in the Seahawks’ backfield. Jermaine Kearse caught a huge game-winner and Earl Thomas saved the game with a forced fumble.

Play of the Game:

13.1 Panthers.gif

64: 11/4/12, Vikings, 30-20

MVP Adrian Peterson was on full display on this day and Seattle survived it. Richard Sherman lowered the boom on Percy Harvin and Golden Tate became a helicopter.

Play of the Game:

12.5 Vikings.gif

63: 12/7/14, @ Eagles, 24-14

The Seahawks controlled this game the entire time. Byron Maxwell is the monkey still on Jordan Matthews’ back.

Play of the Game:

14 @ Eagles.gif

62: 10/22/15, @ 49ers, 20-3

Tyler Lockett scored his first career receiving touchdown. After a rough start to the season, this was the statement that Seattle needed to get back on track.

Play of the Game:

15.3 @ 49ers.gif

61: 10/17/10, Bears, 23-20

Marshawn Lynch’s first game in Seattle; the beginning of an era.

Play of the Game:

10.3 Bears.gif