Live Podcast Announcement!!!

That’s right, folks. It’s. Happening.

On August 16th, Tasteful Profanity will debut its first-ever live podecast. Most of the event information can be found in the @BeastPode twitter account’s pinned post, but we figured that the bloge would be the perfect place to explicitly outline many of the details. More than 280 characters and all.

Date & Time:

7:30 PM on August 16th, 2019. That’s a Friday.

Mark this date in your calendars, you cowards. Do it.


Fuel Sports Bar in Pioneer Square

Venue is Ages 21+


$10 for one // $15 for two. Bring a friend!

There will be TWO methods of payment:

  1. Through our Eventbrite page: CLICK HERE
  2. If there are still tickets left over, they will be sold at the door of the venue

50% of all ticket sales will be donated to The Bennett Foundation. It’s Michael Bennett’s charity. Follow the link.

If you aren’t able to make it (or even if you are and are feeling extra generous), there is an option on our Eventbrite page that allows you to donate how ever much you would like. We will ensure 100 percent of that payment goes straight to The Bennett Foundation.


We will not hog the stage! Several guests are slated to appear: our friends and rivals from the Fabulous Peltoncast and Dome and Bedlam will show up and bullshit along with us. Plus others.

Why you should come:

We may or may not (we will) be throwing some Tasteful Profanity T-shirts into the crowd.

It’s going to be an exceptionally good time. We promise. Rain City Redemption’s William Cornell will be producing the episode and we have some wild stuff in store.

Buy tickets for yourself and a friend ahead of time and come hang out with us. It’s going to be incredibly fun and it’s also for a good cause so really you have no excuse to not make it out.