Russell Wilson Transcends

Most games, Russell Wilson is a very good quarterback; better than the vast majority the league has to offer. His lows are low, but the highs obviously outweigh them and give the Seahawks a chance to win almost every contest.

There are a few games every year in which Russell Wilson is unstoppable; elite; where every apex of every dropback is followed immediately by a decisive strike to an open (or in many cases not so open) target.

And then there is the rare game where Wilson becomes the best quarterback you, I, and everybody on this godforsaken planet have ever seen; where a collective of nonstop gasps and ohmygod’s drown out any attempted utterance in CenturyLink Field. Last night was one of those nights. Russ was nails on third down, dropping dimes all over the place. His touchdown to Doug Baldwin was out of this world and I’m still unsure how the duo executed in tandem so flawlessly.

Putting the Seahawks up by a score of 24-17, this throw was an indicator, a beacon of light, communicating to us that All-World Russ was in the hizzouse at that very moment.

Not a soul in the world — not even the National Football League’s Most Valuable Player — was beating him on this evening.

After Patrick Mahomes (who is absolutely incredible and we stan) led the Chiefs down the field to kick a field goal, Russ decided “hey, I’m just never going to get sacked again because I’m sick of this shit”

and drove the team down the field for another score:

With his Chiefs down by 11 points with seven and change remaining, Mahomes shredded the Seahawks’ defense for an easy touchdown drive, instilling yet again the familiar sense of dread that we’ve come to expect when Seattle’s frontrunning offense is given a chance to do what they do so consistently.

On the ensuing drive, Russell Wilson became a deity; a divine being merely shackled by this mortal form.

I screamed. A lot.


None of this makes any sense. But that’s the magic of Russell Wilson: he has never made sense to the critics; to the haters; to the morons, whose feeble yelps of “game manager” fade into oblivion more and more every passing week. Chris Carson immediately pushing the ball into paydirt finally pushed Seattle into the postseason.

The Seahawks have oh so many flaws. They really do. But when Russell Wilson decides that he’s better than everybody else on the field — which he tends to do when the spotlight finds him and every viewer across the globe holds their breath as he takes the snap — not a soul can dream of competing with the league’s most transcendent player.

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