Instant Reaction: Seahawks vs. Panthers

The best teams in the NFL these days are masters of misdirection; conjurers who move the ball much like the best hustlers with a red ball and three cups in a game of peekaboo as mystifying to defenses as that game is to infants. It’s now time to consider the Seattle Seahawks among them.

Not for any obvious reason, though.

The narrative that has been developing all season is that the Seahawks can really only win when they run the ball well, control time of possession, score efficiently, take an early lead, and force their opponents off-script. It was a sobering narrative because it left us with the impression that you could more or less call a game after the first few drives. And while it was fun when it worked, it was miserable when it didn’t, and it deprived us of the joy of those daring come-from-behind victories, miracles to the faithful.

And yet, this game, more than any other, showed us that the narrative isn’t true – or at least isn’t always true. What a galaxy-brain strategy it is to convince everyone that they are indeed one dimensional.

The Seahawks can fail to execute as intended and still triumph. And what a triumph it was.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing whether Carroll and Schotty gave the game to Russell Wilson, or if he took it from them, but the quarterback showed us again his hierophany. And let’s not forget that two of the units expected to be a liability – the OL and the WR corps – have both performed remarkably. And hey, the Seahawks are now 1-0 when Chris Carson lands a perfect flip mid-run.

As a lover of axioms, I’m terrible at transitions, so let me just conclude by saying that it’s more Luke Wagner because Bobby Wagner is Luke Kuechly’s father.

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