The Seahawks are on the cusp

With a different quarterback, the Seahawks would have had a chance in the first half. The coaches underutilized Wilson, so much so that he didn’t reach 100 yards passing until the fourth quarter.

With a different coaching staff, the Seahawks would have approached the game differently, using more modern play design and calling different defensive looks to try and stymie a mighty Rams offense.

With different players, the Seahawks might have as much talent as the Rams.

But with the people they *did* bring along — for an immensely entertaining, captivating, uplifting and crushing afternoon — they ended up one or two plays short of a win in the hardest environment they’ll face all year.

As assembled, the Seahawks are good enough to beat anyone, anywhere. In a retooling/rebuilding/restocking/reteaching year, no less. Their quarterback makes terrible mistakes at terrible times, but turns out far more outstanding plays than bad. Their RB2 and RB3 are really, really good. Their offensive line is as good as we’ve seen it since the Holmgren years. Their corners are promising and their linebackers are world-class. And do not get me started on their sexy punter.

Yes, even their head coach is one of the best in the league. He has his blind spots, but if you want the coach with the least of those, please commence rooting for the Patriots, and get the hell out of here.

The Rams were more talented, better coached, more efficient, and more fortunate. And still the Seahawks matched them stride for stride, until the final bad pass sailed over an open receiver in the red zone.

And nobody wants to hear this today, a day after a loss that could torpedo 2018, three days before the season could end prematurely — but the Seahawks will be better in 2019. And that should scare the livin’ shit out of every other team in their path.

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