T*steful Roundup: Chargers Edition

Welcome to another episode of the infamous t*steful roundup after the Seahawks lost to another superior opponent.

Contributors, guest-posters, and all sorts of rascals from the BeastGlobe have written their reactions to appease you. Are you appeased dammit? Enjoy all these words from all of these nerds!


The ups and downs of the NFL season mirror the ups and downs of any given NFL game. The Seahawks came into this season as underdogs after an exodus of talent during the offseason. They then started off by losing two extremely winnable games before going on a legit good run.

Until yesterday.

However, this game against the Chargers, as frustrating as it may be (and it was so fucking frustrating) doesn’t change the needle much on the Seahawks’ longterm outlook. Russell Wilson, even on his bad days, is still good. The defense has a hypertalented nucleus of Wagz, Wright, and Clark and a lot of young players around that. The offense was #bad today, but not bereft of good players (shoutout to Lockett, Moore, and Duane Brown). Michael Dickson is the leading candidate for the NFL’s new Australian of the Year award.

Today showed us that the Seahawks aren’t as close to contending as we’d like, but I don’t think they are as far away as we fear.

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I don’t like it very much when the Seahawks lose. And they lost. In the first half, the defense was shredded. At least that’s what it felt like. Everyone was bad. Bobby looked like he wanted to set his hair on fire. The Chargers have a very good offense, and while the WRs win the match-up on paper, this game does indeed confirm that corners matter, despite Carroll being able to manufacture viable play there at will. However, they did adjust really well in the second half.

Melvin Gordon had the type of game that I was fearful Gurley would have against Seattle. A similar adjustment of bear fronts to Gurley in this year’s first Rams game (in response to the gashing late ’17) may have been the remedy, but oh well. We’ll get ’em back in the Super Bowl.

I’m not sure what happened on offense. Russ was off. The scheme didn’t seem to hurt the coverage, nor did the receivers seem to have a great day. But again, lots of time until the Super Bowl to fix it. Phew.

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The 2016 Mariners were not a great team. They were, to be frank, just barely good. Fortunately, much of the AL fell into this same category, so, come September, the M’s were still in the wild card race, and no player stepped up during that time quite like Nelson Cruz, who had a monstrous 196 wRC+ in his final 90+ plate appearances. That stretch included a three-game, four-homer series in Minnesota where he essentially demolished baseballs one-handed due to a nagging injury. And, of course, who could forget his heroics in Game 161, when he hit a movie-finale, game-tying, two-run bomb in the seventh; his 43rd of the season. (Editor’s Note: Still the best live sports moment I’ve ever seen.)

Watching Russell Wilson and the 2018 Seahawks is like watching 2016 Nelson Cruz, sometimes singlehandedly dragging his team into playoff relevance.

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If it’s not how you start, how come the Seahawks are 50-0 when leading at halftime by four or more points?

If it’s not how you start, how come the Seahawks shut out the Chargers offense Sunday in the second half yet they still came away with a loss?

If it’s not how you start, how come the best finishing team of 2017 went 9-7?

If it’s not how you start, how come the only time the Seahawks have won a Super Bowl is the year they went 7-1 in the first half of the season?

As nice as it was to see another opening-drive touchdown (time to retire the first-drive complaints), the phases sabotaged one another yesterday. The offense needed Russell Wilson to be the MVP candidate we saw vs. Oakland and Detroit, but instead he faltered badly in the middle two quarters. The defense needed to be the match, igniting a fire, instead of the stick of dynamite, getting blown up time and time again in the first few drives.

Saving the Seahawks season is now going to require an unexpected win or two. A fast start sometime wouldn’t hurt.

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Mike B:

This is how close the Seahawks were to a chance at an overtime loss:

Despite holding a potent Phillip Rivers and a potent Chargers offense to two three and outs in the first half, giving up three touchdowns is still confirmed bad. Not allowing a point in the second half (missed field goal aside) while generating pass rush when it was needed most was promising.

In a game that the defense desperately needed the offense to pick up its slack, Russell Wilson was not at his best. After a beautiful touchdown drive to open the game, penalties and sacks derailed just about every semblance of an offense until the final two drives of the game. Thank god we got to watch a tribute performance to 2017 Russell Wilson who made the plays necessary for Seattle to almost win but not quite.

A few thoughts:

1. David Moore is awesome, but we were quick to anoint him as Seattle’s savior. He is still developing and the exceptionally great will come with the pretty bad.

2. Russ was bad for he majority of the game. His missed throw to Jaron Brown (which still should’ve been caught) was a backbreaker.

3. Tyler Lockett should’ve caught the game-winner.


5. Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are still so good.

6. Maybe the Seahawks should make more than two DT’s active on gameday. Just a thought.

7. Third and Doug is the best down.

8. Chris Carson exiting the game was absolutely not the reason that Seattle’s offense stalled. If that’s the excuse you’re using, you are focused on perpetuating your own narrative.

9. D.J. Fluker’s presence is a total difference-maker.

10. Jacob Martin is beEeEeEendy.

11. Tre Flowers was picked on initially on comebacks, since he’s so focused on not giving up the deep ball. He then came back and made an enormous touchdown-saving play in the second half. He’s going to be so good.

12. Fuck Phillip Rivers. I love Phillip Rivers.

Fuck the Rams. Bring ’em on.

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