T*steful Roundup: I see London, I See Sacks, I See Russell Wilson Wax (the Raiders)

Like they would say at Wembley, and, well, pretty much anywhere English is spoken, welcome to THE T*STEFUL ROUNDUP: Victory Lap Around The World.

Contributors, guest-posters, and all sorts of rascals from the BeastGlobe sum up the Laugher in Londontown. Enjoy all these words from all of these nerds!


A balanced offensive attack and suffocating defense led the Seahawks to their 3rd victory. Despite the long trip to London, and all the potential issues that come along with preparing to play across the pond, Seattle showcased their most complete four quarters of the season.

Whether his message is stale or not, it would appear that Pete Carroll has shed all distractions from disgruntled players of the previous regime. He seems to have full “buy in” from the current players, who look to be making names for themselves. Not just being the replacements to a fading generational defense… but actually looking more than competent!

Team-tackling Marshawn Lynch was certainly a hot button during install to which they executed. Preventing Derek Carr from taking any deep shots all game was also key. The defensive line surged, tallying 6 sacks, a single-game best for this season. The team is a couple penalties away from rattling off four wins in a row as they head into their bye week.

Adding no new disclosed injuries, we can safely say Doug Baldwin, along with a few others, are grateful for this upcoming break. When the team gets back to action, they’ll see the return of K.J. Wright, Dion Jordan, Rasheem Green, and Ed Dickson. If Seattle is going to make a run, like any, they’re going to need their health. Bye weeks suck sure,,, but they also don’t.

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The Raiders are a very bad team and Seattle beat them accordingly. It’s hard to tell exactly how good this team is, but the demolition of a squad that ought to get demolished is better than not demolishing them. What is for certain is Pete has them all hoodwinked—they’re running through a wall because they don’t know any better. That’s perhaps the Peter Carrollest a team can be. The culture and winning spirit is preserved and intact. Corny, but it’s true. 

The offensive line had another good showing. D.J. Fluker blocks the second level way, way better than a man his size should. It’s hilarious. Why is he good. O-line Free Agents don’t come to Seattle, especially the big lumbering types, and play this way. I don’t get it. But it’s fucking awesome. D.J. is fucking awesome. 

The OL group seems to be really good blocking zone, particularly inside zone. I think they’re better suited for it than power, but the mixing in of power is a good change up to force defensive linemen to read the play post-snap instead of nuking plays immediately. Good stuff. 

The pass rush. Oh, the pass rush. Yes. *Gets escorted off the stage before things get weird.*

Carr didn’t try the secondary at all. Maybe once or twice did he actually challenge it. All-22 awaits, but Tedric and the coverage must be undergoing some serious polishing. There seems to be a trend of weekly improvement. Come to December, who knows where they’ll be. 

Russell looks settled. He’s trusting the process. He knows he has a dog in David Moore. Excellent number three to Dougie and Lockett.

Wooooh, Go Seahawks.

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Doug Baldwin led the Seahawks in targets by a huge margin and was about 3 yards from snagging a 40+ yard TD. In games he has both started and finished, here are his target numbers: 1, 7, 1, 8. While we all love when Dougie gets to eat, it probably wasn’t a high EPA move (#analytics) to be chucking passes to him when he was inactive and recovering from a knee injury. But now that he’s healthy, he is just as big a part of the offense as he ever was.

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The Seahawks, nerds that they are, roll into the bye week with 12-3-1 still on the table.

Obviously, the home loss to the Sean Angeles McRamvays, coupled with the bad loss in Denver under stupid circumstances, make a final record like 9-7 or 10-6 far more realistic. OR MAYBE THEY SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE AND GO 9-6-1. This team has playoff talent, a favorable schedule, and appears to be getting better by the week. (Bye the week? No, shut up with the #DadJokes.)

58 points scored in the last two games, none on special teams or defense, mean that Brian Schottenheimer is either better than his first impression or the talent is good enough to overcome his mediocrity. Win-win situation.

16 points combined allowed to the last two non-Rams teams means that the defense is better than their opening road trips suggested. Even without Earl, sadface, Seattle has enough horses to play well into January. A defensive backfield of Griffin-Coleman-Flowers-McDougald can compensate for almost anyone at free safety. A defensive line led by Frank Clark and Jarran Reed will be capable of game-changing plays. When K.J. Wright returns, the linebacking crew will again be the best in the league.

We beastpoders, being of sound mind and body, realize that our Seahawks will not face Jason Garrett-coached and Jon Gruden-coached teams every week. It’s not hard to look good against the Cowboys and Raiders. But we don’t have to face the Rams every week either. The Seahawks are substantially better than the dregs of the league, and much less substantially worse than the elite. The Seahawks are good. They’re good right now.

Give it a couple months, and all the talk will be about how Seattle has quietly become the team nobody wants to face in the playoffs. It’s not 12-3-1, for sure. But it’s damn fun all the same.

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The Seattle Seahawks pulled off a domineering victory over the Las Vegas Raiders yesterday in a game that had to be porn for Pete Carroll. Consider the run ESTABLISHED you cowards.

My thoughts from Seattle’s most complete effort of 2018:

1. Frank Clark.

2. He was good.

3. Like, really fucking good.

4. And he didn’t even really play in the second half.

5. More like Lol-ton Miller.

6. The entire defensive line got in on the fun throughout the contest. Dear god I cannot wait for Griffin’s film breakdown this week. Stay tuned for that good ish.

7. David Moore changes everything. If he is truly the true X receiver that Seattle has been searching for in previous years, the Seahawks can focus on targeting pass-rushers in the offseason to continue building for (another) run in 2019.

8. Yet another game in which Tre Flowers has held his own. You’d think that teams would be picking on the rookie corner but that hasn’t been the case since Week 1.

9. I haven’t #watchedthetape yet, but Shaquill Griffin didn’t seem to have any egregious plays pop up during the broadcast (holding penalty aside), which is nice after a rough game against the Rams.

10. Tedric Thompson might be good.

11. Not as good as Frank Clark though.

12. Russell Wilson is still very, very good, motherfuckers.

Hell yeah. Go Hawks.

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