On Pass Rush: Glendale

*Disclaimer: much of this was written before Earl went down so my somber attitude won’t be reflected much—I’m dead inside btw*

Lil Jon yelling “shots, shots, shots” but instead it’s “sacks, sacks, sacks.”

Your Seattle Seahawks welcomed Josh Rosen’s inaugural NFL start with just enough chaos upfront despite tallying one sack. They did manage seven QB hits and a handful of other play-killing pressures. It was an encouraging performance from the DL to cap off the first quarter of the NFL season considering the lack of first-string talent.

Frank Clark continued his season as the defensive line’s leading man, putting forth perhaps his best game thus far. Multiple times did he whip Arizona’s RT with a litany of moves—rushing speed, converting to power off of wide alignments and countering inside seamlessly off long-arms.

He got in some good looks from the interior too. He didn’t finish with any sacks, but had 2 QB hits and harassed Rosen all game.

Jarran Reed’s sack comes out of Seattle’s famed NASCAR rush package (if not featuring a slightly different personnel makeup). He and Clark are aligned as the 3 techniques, flanked by Mingo and Martin as 9 techniques. Clark sees the center slide to his side to help the right guard, allowing Reed to get a one-on-one with his guard and plenty of space.

Reed initially declares a speed-power path, keeping the guard’s post-set short, and draws his hands out to brace. He counters with a lateral step inside and a lightning quick and heavy club to take the RG’s right arm out of the play. Reed fluidly swims over to clear the guard, getting into the backfield with ease. In addition to the perfect technique, Reed’s mobility and lateral quickness was on display here and seems to be improving—the significant development of which would expand Reed’s overall pass rush impact greatly. His bull rush was live all game too.

Quinton Jefferson had a little fun as well.

On the near touchdown pass (perfect placement from Rosen tbh) that is ruled incomplete and out of bounds, Jefferson goes underneath the tackle and corners on the left guard instantly, nearly getting a sack. He had a few other ultimately inconsequential snaps using his go-to double-swipe which does soften the edge for him.

Poona Ford refused to be left out.

It wasn’t a dominant showing, but the collective team rush is getting to the point of causing adequate mayhem in the backfield to help complement the coverage and showing the upside to kick it up a level or two as the season progresses.

And for the record, LMFAO references are fine if they’re sack related.


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