I Choose to Hope

Induction, as they say, is the “glory of science, and the scandal of philosophy.”

Inductive reasoning can conclude on probability, at best, but never certainty. Such is life. Such also is the substance of things hoped for. Hope is not certain. But neither is hope delusion or denial of reality.

The Three Vinegar Tasters gathered round the same pot of vinegar.

Hope is vitality. Hope is fun. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the ball slipping through the hands of Brandon Bostick. I choose to hope. Not blindly or without reason. So let’s give our hope some substance while acknowledging that hope is a decision not fully predicated on probability alone.

Mike Solari will improve the pass protection and the run blocking. He will use double-teams, which Tom Cable inexplicably loathed, to move troublesome DTs and return Seattle’s ground game – limited correlation to winning though it holds – to effectiveness. Seattle will sustain more drives, and Brian Schottenheimer’s multiplistic scheme, keeping defenses in base personnel but passing out of running downs and formations, as much as running out of passing ones, will buttress the passing game. The receiving talent, lacking across the board with Doug Baldwin’s season-nagging injury, will at times bring anemia into the passing game, but Russell Wilson will be better than ever.

The offense will score more points. The special teams will win hidden, valuable field position for both sides of the ball. The defense will show clearly all season that they are not as strong as the Legion Of Boom. They will have fewer sacks and fewer interceptions. But as the weather turns, stats will show the defense has kept a lid on explosive plays, limited passing yards and scoring, and the team’s toxic differential will rival that of every NFC contender.

The 2018 Seattle Seahawks won’t be great. They won’t be remarkably strong in any one component of the game, save QBR & punting. But they will be difficult to stop, on the ground, through the air, and they won’t give up points so frequently they can’t stay in any game. They will lose games they should win, and steal games they should lose. They will have letdowns in big moments. But they will cede neither yard, nor point, nor division crown to any NFC team, until every second of every game has expired.

The 2018 Seattle Seahawks will make the playoffs.