Leave Browning Alone!

How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Jake Browning after all he has been through!

Jake Browning is the true senior quarterback for the Washington Huskies. You’ve probably heard of him. He’s the guy who has started every game at quarterback for the Huskies in 2015, 2016 and 2017. As a starter, he’s only lost 10 games out of 39. Still, there are people who think that, because he can’t win “the big game,” he’s something less than what he actually is: the greatest quarterback to have ever worn the University of Washington uniform.

He lost John Ross, he lost Jeff Tedford. He had two fuckin’ receivers last year.

Browning had an absolutely bananas season in 2016. He finished 6th in Heisman voting! He threw for 43 touchdowns, which is a lot of touchdowns! However, on November 10th, Jeff Tedford, who had been an offensive consultant and de facto assistant quarterback coach for the Huskies, was hired away by Fresno State. Two days later, in a primetime game against a resurgent USC squad and with the College Gameday crew watching, Browning had his worst game of the season. He looked scared and confused and was really only able to make one killer throw (in large part thanks to John Ross snapping his fingers and making Adoree Jackson wonder why he wasn’t feeling so good, Mr. Ross).

Which brings me to Ross. John Ross is amazing. He’s the fastest human being to ever be drafted into the NFL and did amazing shit week in and out on the football field as a Husky. Ross got hurt near the end of 2016 (Browning did, too!) which is a huge travesty to not see a 100% healthy Ross against the Greatest Team To Ever Play Until They Played Deshaun Watson.

In 2017, speed-demon Chico McClatcher was lost for the season as the season began, freshman tight end Hunter Bryant got hurt just as he was learning how to dominate fools and even Punt Return Legend, Excellent Smile-Haver but unfortunately Now A Niner Dante Pettis was injured for a while. Browning was throwing to a ton of young, unproven players in 2017. He still did well!

His coach went off to be a Beaver, a Beaver, and now he’s going through a position battle. All you people care about is readers and making money off of him.

After losing good pass catchers like Ross and Pettis to the NFL and Tedford to Fresno State, his offensive coordinator for his first three seasons, Jonathan Smith, left to coach at his alma mater, Oregon State. Though new OC Bush Hamdan was with the program as a wide receiver coach during 2016, this will be uncharted territory for Browning.

And yet, despite being a three-year starter with a fantastic resume, there are rumblings and grumblings about giving Jake legitimate competition in the form of two four-star true freshmen in Jacob Sirmon and/or Colson Yankoff (don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh).

Are we going to seriously consider this? Browning (I can’t just say Jake anymore because there are now seventeen Jakes on the UW roster that play quarterback) was first in the conference in 2017 in completion percentage (68.5%), passer rating (152.1) and AY/A (8.6). If that’s what a down-year is for Browning, I will take that.

HE’S A HUSKY! (ah! ooh!) What you dont realize is that Browning is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.

Being a fan is hard work. You’re staking your health, well-being and general mood on the performance of people, usually years younger than you are, in a game that doesn’t really mean much of anything beyond the result at the end of the contest.

We don’t need to have a discussion on “if Jake is fit to start” for this Washington squad. The discourse will survive. Sometimes the best take to have is no take at all. Especially when the discussion itself is so dumb. Jake has earned, over the course of three years of hard work and legitimate success, the opportunity to lead this Husky team to what can hopefully be called a championship (division, conference or otherwise) season.

He was hurt in 2016. His song is called give me more for a reason because all you people want is MORE! MORE-MORE, MORE, MORE!

In January 2017, it was revealed that Browning had played through the final three games of his prodigious 2016 season with a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. While he absolutely ethered the Cougars in the Apple Cup (he nearly put up a passer rating of 200 on them) he struggled mightily against a very good Buffaloes passing defense that had finished 2016 with the 9th best unit by Bill Connelly’s S&P+ metrics. Browning only completed NINE passes in that game, which the Huskies ended up winning by only *checks notes* thirty-one points. Oh, wow.

(Interesting side-bar time! It turns out that game isn’t Browning’s career low for completions! He actually completed only 8 passes on 11 attempts in their win against UCLA last season. The Huskies won that game by three touchdowns.)

In the Peach Bowl, against far and away the best defense in the country on what amounts to a home-neutral field and with a hurt shoulder, Browning actually played pretty well in the first quarter and… what’s that? There were other quarters? No, that can’t be right. The game *definitely* ended 7-0 after the first quarter. I distinctly remember the game being over and confetti falling and such. Hmm… I’ll have to Google that.

 LEAVE HIM ALONE! You are lucky he even performed for you BASTARDS!

Despite the good competition, despite the injuries, despite the brain-drain of coaches leaving for other jobs, Jake Browning continues his assault on the Washington and Pac-12 record books.

Browning is in the top 10 in Pac-12 career yards per attempt (9th), adjusted yards per attempt (6th) and passer rating (8th). He’s 14th in total passing TDs and 13th in career completion percentage. He’s currently 25th in total passing yards but if he puts up a 3,000 yard season, he’ll move into fourth place just behind Matt Barkley. He only needs 812 more to catch Cody Pickett for most yards in Washington history; he’s only 86 completions away from Pickett’s other Washington all-time record.

He has a conference title, a playoff appearance and a ton of program and conference statistical clout. What more do you want?

Coach Pete talked about professionalism and said if Browning was a professional he wouldve pulled it off no matter what.

Browning is a crazy likable dude. I mean, c’mon man, how is this not adorable:

The kid (and I can call him that because I am older than him, so there) has zero controversy surrounding him and has given coaches and fans zero reason to believe he isn’t fully committed to being a successful quarterback and student at Washington.

Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publicly bash someone who is going through college?

I get it, I get it; winning bowl games is important. It is great for the program, it’s great for the players, it’s great for recruiting and hell, it makes the fans feel very good. Playing well in important games is much better than playing poorly in important games. That is true. However, when a player plays very well throughout multiple seasons, that should (and I argue, must) be given more weight than losing to an incredibly good Penn State squad and the Greatest Team To Ever Play Until They Played Deshaun Watson.

Leave Browning Alone Please!
Leave Jake Browning alone!
Right now! I mean it!

Y’all need to realize you’ve got a good thing while you have it. Browning cemented himself as my favorite UW quarterback of all time (and I’m old enough to remember Keith Price outplaying Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III) at this exact moment.

Image result for jake browning oregon

Nothing but respect for MY president.

Anyone that has a problem with him you deal with me, because he is not going to right now.

Jake does not have the time to be Extremely Online right now, since he’s plotting to lead the Huskies to another College Football Playoff berth and is a little busy, thank you very much.


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