Phase Two

Hi hello welcome. Please have a seat and bear witness to the stupendous yet horrendous world of TASTEFUL PROFANITY – THE BLOG.


What began merely as a podecast (don’t worry, it’s still a podecast) will be expanding into a website because writing is rewarding and I fucking miss it sometimes.

After splitting off from Field Gulls (John still writes there and you should read his stuff because it’s great and he’s great), podcasting has essentially fulfilled my journalistic desires. I’m not sure if y’all have noticed, but most of what I say and type is ridiculous and the Tasteful Profanity podcast has allowed me to continue my nonsense with truly a wonderful human being in John Fraley. I am so thankful that the internet brought us together because I couldn’t ask for a better dude to run Beast Pode alongside and I consider myself a pretty lucky guy to have become good friends with him over the past year.

But like I said, writing is fulfilling and sometimes spewing vitriol with your mouth can’t quite compare to sitting down with two to seven PBR’s and cranking out some content on the good ol’ keyboard.

So with that, Beast Pode enters its second phase.

We will still be recording the podcast every week or so and stay tuned because we have some incredible guests coming up. I mean holy shit we had Sarah Colonna on this week and I still can’t believe it. John and I will continue to shoot for the stars and bring in new friends and old (Nathan Ernst decided to unblock me on twitter so hopefully he’ll soon change his Twitter bio to ‘three time @beastpode guest’).

If you haven’t listened to the podcast before, check it out! It’s our passion project and we have a grand old time recording it regularly.

If for some godforsaken reason you want to listen to us yell about burgers and Tanner McEvoy every seven or so days, you can subscribe to Beast Pode on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher OR just follow us on Twitter at @BeastPode.

I’m not sure when we’ll have the time to start writing comprehensive pieces on here, but there will be plenty of material over the coming months motivating us to do so. Baseball, football, basketball (LeBrawn Jaymes), soccer, hockey, curling… You name it, we’ll consider writing about it maybe probably not who knows.

Regardless, thanks for listening to and reading our words. A lot of cool shit is on the horizon and we can’t wait to share it with you.