The Dumb Game

Monday's matchup between the Seahawks and Vikings was, at its heart, such a dumb game; a manifestation of the kind of reckless and almost desperate style of play that, at its end, is somehow fun. I went into this battle with an unnerving certainty that the Seahawks would need to score lots of points in … Continue reading The Dumb Game

Monday Night Madness: Counting down Seattle’s greatest MNF scandals

After a long day of getting off sizzling takes online, there is nothing more horrid relaxing than sitting down to watch your preferred football team participate in Monday Night Football. Prime time is the primest of times for your guys to shine. The problem lies, though, with the cornucopia of viewers ESPN draws for these … Continue reading Monday Night Madness: Counting down Seattle’s greatest MNF scandals

T*steful Roundup: V2kings Edition

Welcome back to the Victory......Tuesday(???) version of THE T*STEFUL ROUNDUP. Since the Seahawks technically already played the Vikings in 2018 (in the preseason), this is the Roundup's V2ikings Edition. Contributors, guest-posters, and all sorts of rascals from the BeastGlobe will write up a brief chunk of text discussing their thoughts from the previous night's game. It … Continue reading T*steful Roundup: V2kings Edition

The Final Echo

Seattle had never experienced an event like the Legion of Boom. They sprang from nowhere and did so fully formed. Humans need gestation, development, trial, error, and learning; not the Legion. They were an act of mighty pissed off gods of the Old World, and they are not known to play by the rules. The … Continue reading The Final Echo